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This report shows that the population of expert chess players in the The OKCupid dataset: A very large public dataset of dating site users.

Utilizing propreitary algorithms developed by demographic researchers at the Devry Institute, US Chess has launched a new “app” aimed at creating compatible couples. Project manager Alex Aleksandrovich indicates that by bringing together more chess players today, US Chess hopes to expand the number of chess-playing offspring in the next generation. Current US Chess members who are actively using the app earning a minimal number of “good move” points can cash in a reward for free entry to one rated tournament each quarter, and receive an attractive teal and fuscia polo shirt identifying their presence on the dating site.

If use of the app fosters a successful relationship which advances into a potential marriage proposal, US Chess will sanction the wedding at a National event provided that a written request is submitted at least six weeks prior and both parties have active USCF memberships. US Chess coordinator Mike Moiseyevich indicated that at least one Tournament Director at each National Event will have to be ordained in order to perform the formal services, but that this would be a small price to pay.

Currently only those aged 19 and older are eligible to register for the app, but there are plans for a “juniors only” version within the year to aid in the facilitation of prom dates and partnering for mixed double awards. Details on the matching algrorithm are being kept hush-hush — but reportedly some of the same statistical geniuses who worked out the current USCF ratings formula and the next generation of tiebreak equations are behind the dating app project.

Consulting psychologist Sammy Herman advised, “It’s long been known in Social Dynamics Theory that Grunfeld players are much more compatible with each other than with Kings Indian Defense enthusiasts, so we’re just trying to take this to the next level and see where it goes.

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possibly the earliest known chess set, from Afrasiab, Samarqand, said to date from Only a few chess variants, including those described in this web site, have​.

If you love chess but can never convince any of your friends to play with you, this new dating app could be perfect for you. Your profile is active for an hour, during which time you can check out other players near you and match with them to chat. Both your profile and conversations disappear after an hour – a feature that Mates believes motivates people to act quickly in order to meet for a chess date. By Shivali Best. A dating app for chess players has launched Image: Getty Images. News, views and top stories in your inbox.

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Check and mate? World Chess launches dating app ahead of World Championships

The present list comprises, for the most part, the earliest citations given in the Oxford English Dictionary OED , although some additional headwords and other complementary material are included. Regular additions will be made, and an end-note explains how readers can help improve the list. The first known occurrence of the term in a chess context was in , but it is often difficult to know in which exact sense the word was being employed.

A further item on the subject is C.

Available both for iOS and Android, the app uses dating technology to help Considering that there are many children on this site, publishing.

By Bruce Bower. November 22, at am. This roughly 1,year-old rectangular piece of rock with two hornlike projections on top resembles several rooks, also known as castles, that have been found at other Islamic sites in the region. But those other rooks date to a century or more later, John Oleson, an archaeologist at the University of Victoria in Canada, said. He presented his analysis of the carved rock on November 21 at the annual meeting of the American Schools of Oriental Research.

Surviving written accounts indicate that chess originated in India at least 1, years ago, Oleson said. Merchants and diplomats probably carried the game westward. The suspected chess piece, excavated at Humayma, located on what was once a major trade route, dates to between and , when an Islamic family owned and ran the site.

It also brought together people with diverse backgrounds. Islamic texts from that time portray chess matches between Muslims and Christians and between rich and poor players. Rooks from southwestern Asia in the shape of two-horse chariots date to as early as the late s. The two-pronged shape of early Islamic rooks may have been meant to represent such chariots, Oleson said.

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We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Stars like Hikaru Nakamura are helping the classic game reach a new audience.

One of the fastest-growing games on Twitch is also one of the oldest. Over the past few months, the ancient board game chess has become a mainstay on the streaming platform, thanks to a combination of popular streamers and big-name chess champions playing online.

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AlexandraMaeJ Contact. A small, rectangular stone right , previously excavated at the Jordanian site of Humayma shown at left , may be the oldest known chess piece, a rook dating to around 1, years ago. In an abstract published in October, University of Victoria professor John Oleson announced that a piece of carved sandstone that was found in southern Jordan at Humayma may be an ancient rook — a castle shaped piece in the game. According to Oleson, the object has the same abstract shape that other early Islamic chess pieces had.

The history of chess dates back around 1, years and is thought to have originated in India, although the names and rules have changed several times over the centuries. Between and , he and his team excavated the settlement centre over the course of seven field sessions. Viking-era chess piece bought for a few pounds to fetch more at auction. A Second World War submarine that was missing for 75 years has been found. Prehistoric baby bottles still have milk residue inside.

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Illinois Chess Association, Inc. Dating sites such as eHarmony and are reportedly interested in licensing some of the techniques.

In the game of chess, a rook can move as many spaces as it can in one direction. Or, it can sit stone-still and guard the pieces around it, potentially holding its ground for an entire match — or thousands of years whichever comes first. John Oleson, an archaeologist at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada, believes he and his colleagues may have found one such rook that has been lying in the sand below an ancient trading post in Jordan since the seventh century.

The stout sandstone figure, excavated from the ruins of an early Islamic settlement in , has a rectangular body with two horn-like protrusions on top. While this may look far from the crenellated castle towers we call rooks today, it’s spot-on for rooks in the earliest known chess sets , where those swift-moving pieces were shaped to evoke horse-drawn chariots.

The word “rook” comes from “rukh,” the Persian word for chariot. If the tiny sandstone figure Oleson excavated is indeed a rook, it may be the single oldest chess piece ever discovered, dating to roughly 1, years ago. Chess is believed to have originated in India about 1, years ago before quickly spreading westward and beyond. Oleson and his colleagues discovered the “rook” while excavating an ancient site called Humayma, which sits along a once-prominent trading route in southern Jordan that linked India to the Near East and Middle East.

Humayma thrived over hundreds of years and in the shadows of many cultures; structures at the site include a Roman fort, Byzantine churches, early Islamic mosques and several stone tombs dating to as early as the first century. It was in the early Islamic ruins, dating to the seventh century, where the researchers uncovered the rook. At that time, Oleson wrote, Humayma was home to the wealthy and powerful Abbasid family, who would eventually overthrow the leaders of the region and declare themselves caliphs Islamic rulers considered successors to the prophet Muhammed.

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