How to Put God at the Center of Your Relationship: 17 Ways

How can Christians glorify God in their relationships? Whether it is in friendship, dating, or marriage, how can we glorify God in how we interact with those we love? A quick answer is that the glory of God is when the invisible qualities of God are made visible or knowable. Therefore if you want to glorify God in your relationships, this means you must reveal the character and image of God in your relationships. When you bear his image and reflect God through the way you treat and love the person you are in a relationship with, you are glorifying God in that relationship. So if glorifying God is about bearing his image, it is crucial that we know what God looks like and acts like. But God is invisible, so how can we reflect him whom we have never seen?

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I also know another truth about you: the Bible calls you to still respect and appreciate your very imperfect spouse. How do we do this, in a practical sense? How can we honestly and sincerely respect and appreciate someone who is so imperfect? A new spouse might stumble in different ways, but he or she will still stumble.

No type of ungodly person can do God’s will in marriage. “Oh Lord may this relationship honor your name” and this should be our mindset.

Olivia Migenes. In my twenties, I held on more like a death grip to the fantasy of having a husband. Even after my conversion experience, I considered marriage the ultimate prize. I got into a relationship about a year after I came to Christ, and the signs were already blaringly clear that it would not be a God-honoring one. One of the biggest issues that God showed me was my penchant for idolatry. Not ones made out of wood or stone but ones made of out flesh.

He showed me the altars I had made. With tears flowing, I asked for forgiveness and asked Him to remove the idols from my heart. When God is honored, He is considered precious, highly valuable and held dear.

How to Approach Dating as a Christian

You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself. For more information about subscriptions, click here. No matter how you choose to word it, being single was never in my plans. Growing up in the church, I thought I had a solid understanding of how my story would play out. When I was 19 I was ready.

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This blog post is a guest post by my dear blogging friend Alisha Blue from BecomeLess. I was once told that the closer you get to your 30s, the more dating becomes like a game of musical chairs. When the music of your 20s stops, you will scramble to grab the nearest chair and settle down. I laughed at the analogy in my early 20s, but now at 28, I see the reality of it.

One by one as your friends get into relationships, get married, and even begin to buy homes and start families — the pressure to settle down begins. And like musical chairs, you may find yourself scrambling to just pick someone and settle down …. Even if there may be multiple relationship deal breakers. This post contains affiliate links. This helps me to work in Ministry full-time and cover the expenses of this blog.

But before I dive into these 10 relationship deal breakers In Christian relationships and red flags in Christian dating, I want to start with this.

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I was flabbergasted and a little shook up. About four years ago, as I progressed through the book I Kissed Dating Goodbye , I was flabbergasted that couples existed who waited to kiss until their wedding day and shook up because, if God commanded this, then I had already blown my chance over a high school romance. We sat in his office and talked for a solid hour about the purpose of this book and the thoughts it advocated on dating. I still have the email he wrote to me, finishing up our conversation.

He said:. I also think we need to be wise about our dating approach.

When you are trying to honor the Lord in dating and marriage, he will feel no That’s why for the Christian Woman that desires a God-honoring relationship.

This lesson will make you aware of both the benefits and dangers of dating, and help you to develop a Scriptural set of dating standards. Group dating is several couples getting together. First-time dates are usually group dates. Picnics, skating parties, school functions, and church socials are ideal for first dates. You are more at ease, and you do not have to carry the conversation. A natural follow-up to group dating is going out with another couple.

Single dating can come later. The first dates of a young girl should NOT be single dates. Being with a girl or guy will be awkward at first, but dating can help you learn to be comfortable and at ease with those of the opposite sex. Most every young person looks forward to getting married some day. Dating is one way of meeting possible marriage partners and helping you decide the kind of person you want to marry. Dating is not necessarily sinful, but many young people fall into sin as a result of dating.

The danger in dating is that you will do something that will seriously damage your chances for future happiness and a successful marriage. The choices I make now will not affect that.

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Praying for your spouse is just one way you can be in service to your significant other. Whether you are praying for each other or praying together for other couples, these relationship prayers for people who are married, engaged or dating will provide you with the armor of God you need. Love Prayer God of Unfailing Love, may we be filled with love for each other that reflects your love for us. Your love is patient, let us be patient with each other. Your love is kind, let us be kind to each other.

Your love does not envy, let us not be envious of each other.

God designed sex and sexual arousal to be amazing and enjoyed with only one other person in the context of marriage. Sex is designed to be the pinnacle of.

Wanting to honor God in your dating relationships is such a beautiful desire! Back then, it was all arranged marriages, and there was no need to date. So in order to figure out how to honor God in dating, I think we need to look at biblical principles and apply them to our relationships. Here are three signs that your relationship is probably God-honoring. And to be honest, I believe these signs may be much simpler than we think.

Have you ever known someone who got into a relationship and then suddenly disappeared from her friends? With my first boyfriend, I got so caught up in the relationship that I stopped hanging out with my old friends. That too is okay. The Bible talks a lot about the importance of community—having people who pray for us, encourage us, know our weaknesses and give wise advice. See Proverbs , Hebrews and James for examples of this. I think one of the best ways we can apply this principle to dating is by staying in close contact with our community.

Invite your closest friends, family, and mentors into your dating relationship. Instead of pushing them away, ask for their input.

15 Relationship Prayers for Couples Married, Engaged and Dating

Try to find anything about dating in the Bible, you will not find anything. Marriage shows the relationship between Christ and the church. It shows how Christ loved the church and laid down His life for her. Unbelievers are not part of the church. God wants His children to marry Christians.

Here’s how to apply God’s Word to dating, finding a spouse and getting married. guidance for us about how we might best glorify God in this area of our lives.

Deb Koster. Scripture passage — Matthew 6: This is the way that God wants us to face our worries. This needs to be true in every aspect of our life, including romance, dating, and courtship. Nothing else should come before our obedience to God and his kingdom. God should have the place of honor in our lives before everything and everyone else. In our dating and courting life sometimes these priorities get confused.

It is easy to place our romantic relationships in a lofty position in our life because they matter to us, but they should never become the most important thing in our lives. It is idolatry to put our own desires or the desires of a significant other before God and the guidance that he has given us for our lives. If we pursue behaviors or a relationship that we know would not be honoring to God than we have sinned and mismanaged our priorities. When our priorities are distorted it results in pain to us and others.

We get hurt when we have placed our allegiance in a fallible person rather than relying on our infallible God. God desires what is in our best interest even though we may struggle to see how that might be true.

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