KTN News Desk Full Bulletin with Sophia Wanuna 31/3/2017 [Part 2]

Sophia Wanuna is without a doubt one of the most eligible bachelorettes around. So who is Sasha Mutai some of you ask? He is half Russian-half Nandi. In the process, he wooed one Ludmila Anatolievna and together they had two kids Natasha Mulei and Sasha. He is a single father to 9-year-old Milla but they are not together with the mum so they co-parent. He has a penchant for cigars and his favorite Cigar flavor is the Cuban Montecristo No. He likes to party hard and is often spotted in the company of his beautiful girlfriend at Kiza Lounge.

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Celebs whose relationships fizzled out after their big engagement announcements. Sometimes for one to appreciate the beauty of a thing, one must see how life can look without that thing. Although we tend to follow the highs of celeb love on this site, the opposite also happens with many of these well-known individuals seeing love go sour in their own lives and have undergone break-ups. The list below looks at celebs who have had some very public engagements but did not end walking down the aisle.

But things would go awry barely 6 months later when she announced their breakup on her social media. She said:.

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Here is the full interview. Sophia Wanuna takes on Dr David Ndii. Now, here are the excerpts of the interview more of a cross examination that was meant to woo David Ndii into government BUT backfired badly. Would you take such a job? Are you working for the man or the country? I think it would be dishonest. And I am a principled person. Can you do something about it? That what I am doing is not important…. Uhuru is not my peer professionally, intellectually… anywhere.

I consider fighting to restore democracy in Kenya fundamentally more important in the long term, than trying to rescue people from their own mess which I have pointed out for many years. If you read the manifesto which I led the team to produce, it has stated how we ourselves would go about dealing with those challenges.

Photo: KTN’s Sophie Wanuna dating ex-rugby official

The media houses sure have an eye for the best in looks and expertise. KTN News Anchors carry some form of demeanor that cannot be explained in words but outright shines. This is a just but a few, I cannot exhaust the list is long.

I like tea. is an wanuna dating sophia for. Doctrine and Covenants Other Standards Agency and Accountability Dating Dress and.

Post a comment. LY Referral Get paid to share your links! Well wonder no more, below is a comprehensive list of the men who have bagged these beautiful ladies:. Remmy Majala and James Smart. The leggy K24 siren is married to none other than James Smart. Sophia Wanuna and Sasha Kimutai. Yvonne Okwara and Andrew Matole Konde. But away from the politics and cameras, Yvonne is known simply as Mrs. Matole, the wife of a highly regarded Veterinary Officer. Beatrice Marshall has been in the journalism field for close to two decades.

Despite her fame, Beatrice shuns the spotlight and has kept her life away from the spotlight including her love life. She is married to Paul who she says she prefers spending time with over hitting the night spots and basking in the spotlight. Mwanaisha Chidzuga and Danson Mungatana. The couple had managed to keep their love life hidden away until Cecilia called her marriage to Mungatana off and she was subsequently referred to as Mwanaisha’s co-wife.

Uhuru moves Kanze Dena closer to his heart

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Old School: Where Sophia Wanuna and Shiks Kapienga waded in mud of Mitchez include KTN’s Morning Express presenter, Sophia Wanuna (who according to classmates was Shiks Kapienga responds to claims she is dating MC Jesse.

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These shows are. She is one of the most beautiful news anchors on the Kenya TV Screens. Her life has been on the public spotlight for a very long time due to her beauty and demeanour.

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No time for S3X, alcohol & men, Here’s how KTN’s SOPHIA WANUNA spends her time (PICS)

In , the boyfriend, Sasha Kimutai introduced the screen siren to his family giving fans the impression that the love birds are walking down the aisle soon. About two years later, Wanuna has shared a photo of her supposed engagement ring on social media, proof that she might be tying the knot with the former former Safari Sevens Chairman. So happy for and congratulations! Sawa tu.. Congrats my beautiful colleague.

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KTN’s Morning Express show host, Sophie Wanuna has become subject of online discussion with the allegation that she is dating the alleged serial womanizer, Sasha Mutai. Mutai is an ex-rugby official. According to information peddled on social media and the fact that Wanuna keeps her life private, Mutai and his new catch are frequents on Nairobi’s upscale social joints where, reportedly, they make merry and canoodle like perfect couple.

Image: Facebook. Mutai is himself not a new name on Kenyan blogs. Mutai is a former, prominent surveyor. He has enough stashed away. He can take care of his girl s. Early , Mutai was exposed by a certain user on social media- a Diana Okello, who purported to be his ex-girl. She told social media of how Mutai used women- lying that he was hurt in the past by his ex-fiance and was looking to settle down with a serious woman. After sex, he would run like a deer. Never to be seen again.

Wanuna has previously come under attack on social media after she was accused of dressing indecently.

Is Sophia Wanuna Married? Hold Your Horses. She’s Technically Taken

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Track record of remaining up to date regarding current affairs whether political or social issues with the goal of keeping the viewer informed at all times.

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Dressing different body shapes Interview by Sophia Wanuna